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We are happy to announce the publication of an International Journal of research in holistic education entitled: Horizons of Holistic Education with International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). You are invited to send your original research papers and research articles for the publication in Horizons of Holistic Education.

The Journal of Horizons of Holistic Education, run by the Children's University, is an International quarterly Interdisciplinary Journal which covers topics related to holistic development of children. HHE covers all the areas which deal with the children, such as Child education, Child psychology and Panchkosh development of children, children's literature and so on. It also includes intellectual efforts encompassing Sociology, Vedic Science, Medicine, Psychology, Drawing, Music, History, Geography, Home Science, Philosophy, Economics, Commerce and Literature concerned with Children. The researches based on such topics shall be given priority.

Aim and Scope — an International journal on Horizons of Holistic Education (quarterly) aims to publish original research papers, related to the theory and practice of various disciplins of Humanities. We invite you to contribute your full length research papers, short communications and Review articles and Articles concerned with holistic modern development in the area of liberal sciences pertaining to the children's studies.


Dr. K.S. Likhia

Vice chancellor & Advisory Board Chair person

For decades, authors of science fiction, futurists, and art makers alike have been predicting...


Divyanshu Dave

Director General & Chief Advisor

When the editors of the HHE suggested that I should reflect on the intellectual evolution..

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  • Volume 4 : Issue 1 & 2 January to June (2017) has been published.Read More
tapovan research center

Editor in chief



Dharmanshu Vaidya

Michel Foucault in his seminal work, The Archaeology of Knowledge (1969), argues that from Descartes up to...

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